Help the New Hope Heroes reach their goal at this year's Homeward Bound

Homeward Bound is a series of annual events that take place in communities throughout Indiana to raise funding for and awareness about affordable housing and homeless needs. Since its inception in 2003, Homeward Bound has raised more than $3 million for over 100 affordable housing and homeless

New Hope Needs This Holiday Season

Message from the Director:

Today I am so grateful for our Bloomington community reaching out to us for the holidays. I have received many emails and phone calls about an ad that was placed on FreeCycle and later sent as a forward on Facebook seeking toy donations.

I love social networking and how quickly our community responds to address a problem but we did not place this add ourselves. 

Renovation of 303 West Second Street- Hope Builders Work Team

A message from our board member Mark Crain:

This message is for individuals who have expressed an interest in helping with the renovation of 303 West Second Street as the third "home" for New Hope Family Shelter.

If there are others you know of who are interested in helping please contact Mark Crain via email at "crain dot mark at comcast dot net" (spelled out to prevent website crawlies from getting Mark's address!)